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CHAPTER 1 - do (did, does, doing), feel (feeling), fine, have (had, has), how, hurt (ache, injured, pain, sore), I, me, must (need, should), my, name, take, that, very, want, we, what, when, where, who, will (shall), you, your.


CHAPTER 2 - about, abuse, accident (crash), address, afraid (scare), after (over), afternoon, again, age (old), agree, airlift, alcohol, alcoholism, all, allergy, always, and, anesthesia, anesthesiology, another (other), answer (respond), any.


CHAPTER 3 - appointment, arm, artery, audiologist, autopsy, baby, baby bottle, back, bacteria, bad, balance (equilibrium), band-aid, bandage, bath (bathe), because, become, bed, bedpan, bee, before.


CHAPTER 4 - begin (start), believe, bend, best (better), between, big (large), birth (born), birthday, black, blanket, blind, blood (bled, bleed), blood pressure, blue, body, bones, bowel movement, boy, bra, brain.


CHAPTER 5 - break (broken), breakfast, breast, breathe, bring, bronchitis, bruise, calm (quiet), can (may), cancer, cane, cannot (can’t), car (drive), cardiology, care (careful), cast, cataract, CAT scan, cavity, cell.


CHAPTER 6 - chair (seat, sit), change, chart, check (verify), checkup (analyze, examination, diagnosis), chest, chicken pox, children, chiropractic, chiropractor, choking, cigarette, clean, clinic, clothes, cold (chilly), cold (sickness), collapse, come (came, coming), comfortable.


CHAPTER 7 - conscious, constipation, contagious, correct (right), cough, CPR, crippled, crutches, cry, daily (every), damage, day (today), dead (died), deaf, decrease (reduce), deep, delay (postpone), demonstrate (show), dentist, dentures, depend.


CHAPTER 8 - depress (depression), deteriorate (worse), diabetic, diarrhea, diet, dinner, disagree, discuss, dizzy, doctor, don’t (not), down, drink, drugs, drug store (pharmacy), drunk, ear, earache, eat (food), EKG, elbow.


CHAPTER 9 - emergency, EMS (emergency medical service), enjoy, evaluate, excuse (forgive), exercise, explain (instruction), eye, eye drops, eyeglasses (glasses), face, fall (fell), family, fast (quick), father, fault (liability), feet, fever, few, fight.


CHAPTER 10 - find (found), finger, finish, fire, flu, for, forget, Friday, get (receive), get up (wake up), girl, give, go (going, gone), good, gown, hair, handicapped, hands, happen (incident), happy (glad, joy), hard (difficult).


CHAPTER 11 - hard-of-hearing, head, headache, health, hear, heart, heart attack, heartbeat, heavy, help (assist), here, hiccup, high, hip, home, hope (expect), hospital, hot, hour, hungry, hurry, husband.


CHAPTER 12 - ice, ICU, idea, important, improve, in (inside, internal), increase, infection (infected), information, injection (shot), insurance, insurance card, IV, jaw, job (occupation, work), juice, keep, knee, know, last, later, leave (depart).


CHAPTER 13 - left (direction), leg, let (allow), lie down, life (live), life (raise), like, limit, lips, list, little (small), long, look, loose, lost (lose), lotion (ointment), lousy, low, lucky, lump, lunch, many.


CHAPTER 14 - married (marry), maybe (might), measles, medical, medicine, menstruation (period), mentally retarded, minor, minute, Monday, monitor, month, monthly, more, morning, most, mother, mouth, move (transfer), MRI, much.


CHAPTER 15 - mumps, napkin (tissue), near, neck, negative, nerve, nervous, neurology, never, new, next, night (tonight), no, noon, normal, nose, nothing, now, number, nurse (nursing).


CHAPTER 16 - obese, obstetrician, occupational therapy, off, offer (suggest), office, on, operate (operation, surgery), optometrist, out (external, outside), oxygen, pale, pants, paper, paralyze, parking, patience, patient, pediatrician, pen (pencil).


CHAPTER 17 - perfect, permission, physical, physical therapy, pill, pillow, plan (prepare), please, plenty, pneumonia, poison, police (cop), positive, practice, pregnant, prevent (protect), problem, psychiatrist, psychologist, pulse.


CHAPTER 18 - push, put, question, radiology, rash, read, ready, reason, receptionist, recovery (well), rectal, red, refuse (decline, won’t), rehabilitation, relax (rest), remember, remote, remove, repair, result, retire (retirement).


CHAPTER 19 - right (direction), room, runny, sad, said (say), same, Saturday, see, serious, shave, shirt, shoe, shoulder, shower, sick (ill), sign language, signature, similar (alike), skin, sleep, slow.


CHAPTER 20 - smoke, sock, soda, soft, some, someone, sometime, soon (short time), sorry, speech read (lip read), spine, spot, sprain, stand, stay, stethoscope, sting, stitches, stomach, stop, stretcher, stroke.


CHAPTER 21 - strong, success (successful), sugar, sugar level, Sunday, swallow, sweat (perspire), swell (swollen), tall, teeth, telephone, television, tell (told), temperature, test, thank-you, then, therapy, there, thermometer, thick, thin.


CHAPTER 22 - think, thirsty, this, throat, throb, thumb, Thursday, tight, time, tired, toilet (bathroom, restroom), tomorrow, tongue, toothache, touch, tow, try (attempt), Tuesday, tumor, type (kind), unconscious, understand (comprehend).


CHAPTER 23 - underwear, until, up, upset, urine, use, vaccination, vein, virus, vision, visit, vitamin, voice, vomit, wait, walk, walker, warm, warn, was, water, weak, Wednesday.


CHAPTER 24 - week, weekly, weight (weigh), welcome, wheelchair, which, white, why, wife, wish, with, wonder, worry, wrist, write, wrong, x-ray, year, yes, yesterday, yet, young



NUMBERS - 1 - 1,000,000

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