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CHAPTER 1 - can (may), come (came, coming), day (today), do (did, does doing), don’t (not), feel (feeling), fine, for, get (receive), go (going, gone), have (had, has), how, I, job (occupation, work), life (live), make (made), me, must (need, should), my name, now.


CHAPTER 2 - please, said (say), school, see, thank-you, that, tomorrow, try (attempt), very, visit, want, what, when, where, who, why, will (shall), yesterday, you, your.


CHAPTER 3 - about, accept. accident (crash), afraid (scared), afternoon, again, age (old), agree, all, almost, always, and, angry, another (other), answer (respond), any, anything, argue, ask, aunt.


CHAPTER 4 - autumn (fall), baby, bad, bath (bathe), beautiful (pretty), because, become, bed, before, begin (start), believe, best (better), between, big (large), birth (born), birthday, back, blue, book, bored.


CHAPTER 5 - box, boy, break (broken), breakfast, bring, brother, busy, but, buy, calm (quiet), can’t, car (drive), care (careful), cat, chair (sit, seat), change, children, Christmas, church, clean.


CHAPTER 6 - close, coffee, cold (chill), cold (sickness), college, comfortable, computer, cookie, correct (right), cry, cup, cute, daily (every), damage, dance, daughter, dead (die), deaf, decide, decrease (reduce).


CHAPTER 7 - delay (postpone), demonstrate (show), depend, deteriorate (worse), diet, different, dinner, dirty, disagree, discuss, divorce, doctor, doesn’t matter, dog, door, down, dream, dress, drink, dry, dumb.


CHAPTER 8 - duty, eat (food), east, Easter, easy, enjoy, enough, excited, excuse (forgive), exercise, experience, explain (instruction), eyeglasses (glasses), fall (fell), false, family, far, fast (quick), father, fault (liability).


CHAPTER 9 - few, fight, find (found), finger-spell, finish, fire, first, forget, fork, Friday, friend, from, full, fun, funny, get-up (wake-up), girl, give, gloves, good.


CHAPTER 10 - grandfather, grandmother, group, guess, happen (incident), happy (glad, joy), hard (difficult), hard-of-hearing, hat, hate (dislike), hear, hearing aid, heavy, help (assist), here, high, home, homework, honest, hope (expect), hospital.


CHAPTER 11 - hot (heat), hour, house, hug, hungry, hurry, hurt (ache, injured, pain, sore), husband, idea, important, improve, in (inside, internal), increase (gain), information, interpreter, introduce, jacket (coat), jealous, keep, knife.


CHAPTER 12 - know, law, lawyer, last, late, later, lazy, learn, leave (depart, left), leave (neglect, abandon), left (direction), let (allow), letter (mail), lie (fib), lift (raise), like, limit, list, little (small), loan (borrow), lonesome.


CHAPTER 13 - long, look, lost (lose), lousy, love, low, lucky, lunch, man, many, married (marry), maybe (might), mean (intend), medicine, meet, meeting, milk, minute, Monday, money.


CHAPTER 14 - month, more, morning, most, mother, move (transfer), movie, much, music (sing), myself, napkin (tissue), near, nephew, nervous, never, new, next, nice, niece, night (tonight), no.


CHAPTER 15 -  none, noon, normal, north, nothing, number, nurse (nursing), obese (fat), obey, off, offer (suggest), office, on, open, our, out (outside, external), over (after), pants, paper, parents, parking.


CHAPTER 16 - party, pen, people, perfect, permission, person, picture, plan (prepare), plate, play, police (cop), poor, practice, pregnant, prevent (protect), problem, promise, proud, punish, push.


CHAPTER 17 - put, question, quit (resign), rain, read, ready, reason, red, refuse (decline, won’t), relax (rest), remember, remove, repair, restaurant, retire (retirement), rich, right (direction), room, rough, run, sad.


CHAPTER 18 - safe (safely), same, satisfy, Saturday, save, sell (store), serious, shave, shirt (blouse), shoe, sick (ill), sign language, signature, silly, similar (alike), since, sister, sleep, slow, smart (intelligent), smell (odor).


CHAPTER 19 - smooth, snow, sock, soda, soft, some, someone, sometime, son, soon (short time), sorry, sour (bitter), south, speech  read (lip read), spoon, spring (grow), stand, stay, steal (rob), stop, strong.


CHAPTER 20 - stubborn, study, success (successful), sugar (sweet), summer, Sunday, sweater, table, take, talk, tall, tea, teach, teacher, telephone, television, tell (told), test, Thanksgiving, then, there.


CHAPTER 21 - thick, thin, think, thirsty, this, through, Thursday, time, tired, toilet (bathroom, restroom), touch, town, travel, tree, true, Tuesday, type (kind), uncle, under, understand (comprehend), until.


CHAPTER 22 - up, upset, us, use, vacation, valentine, vote, wait, walk, warm, warn, was, watch (wristwatch), water, way, we, weak, Wednesday, week, weekend, weight (weigh).


CHAPTER 23 - welcome, west, which, white, wife, win (victory), windows, winter, wish (desire), with, without, woman, wonder, worry, write, wrong (mistake), year, yes, yet, young, yourself (himself, themselves).



NUMBERS - 1—1,000,000




EXTRA WORDS - advice, air condition, airplane, America, animal, apple, ashamed, attitude, awful (terrible), bacon, banana, behind, below, bicycle, bird, blind, boat, bowl, bread, brown, build (building), butter, candy, catch, cent (penny), class, collapse, color, complain, cook, cost, count, country, credit card, curious, deep, delicious, depress (depression), disappear, dizzy, dollar, due (owe), each, egg, electric, embarrass, emergency, flower, flunk (fail), follow, French fries, green, gasoline, guilty, habit, hamburger, headache, hide, hot dog, ice cream, ignore, include, insurance, join, kill, kiss, kitchen, middle, misunderstand, noise, opposite, orange, pass, pay, president, recovery (well), respect, sandwich, search (hunt), separate, shower, special, trouble.

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